Travel to Bhutan

Travel to Bhutan

The Country of Lightning-Dragon

As a child, I used to read about the names of different countries in a part of the general knowledge book.

There was a name for the country of lightning-dragon whose real name is Bhutan. Bhutan is one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia, located on the eastern side of the Himalayas. The country has an area of about 37,394 sq km and a population of about 6.5 million.

Geography & Destinations:

Tibet region of China in the north of Bhutan. Only India across the South, East and West. The main tourist destinations in Bhutan are Thimphu, Punakha, Bumthang and Paro. In every town you will find ancient rust, many beautiful sights on the bends of the hills, Buddhist temples. However, all over Bhutan, these ancient jungles are interesting. These are actually ancient forts. You have to be surprised to see the construction style of these ancient jungles. Every inch of every rust is decorated with different works of art, which will fascinate you.

local children
local children

But the main attraction of Bhutan is the people of that country. It looks very polite, humble. I think they are very happy with what they have.

The land of lightning dragons, the land of mountains and clouds, the land of rust and temples, the land of tranquility and order, no matter what I say, Bhutan is like a small, tidy paradise in the middle of this world!


Clock Tower Square,
National Handicraft Emporium,
Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan,
Folk Heritage Museum Kawajangsa,
National Library & Archives of Bhutan,
Royal Monetary Authority,
Royal Thimphu Golf Course,
Tashichho Dzong,
Thimphu Chu,
Buddha Point,
Memorial Chorten


Punakha Dzong,
Punakha Suspension Bridge,
Khuruthang Temple,
Puna Tsang Chu,
Dochula Chorten,
Dochula Pass



Taktsang or Tiger Nest Monastery,
Rinpung Dzong,
Paro College of Education,
Paro International Airport,
Buddhist Art,
Paro Archery Grounds

tigers nest



Thimphu is the capital city. Small, neat. Clear. Constitutional. The road cannot be crossed without zebra crossing. A quiet city. You can walk around this city surrounded by mountains.

Buddha spot:
There is a huge Buddha statue on the slope of a hill near Thimphu. It seems that Buddha has kept an eye on the whole city.

An ancient 12th century temple. After the baby is born, the Bhutanese bring the baby to this temple for blessing.


Kings Palace:
A small house attached to the Parliament House. The Bhutanese respect the king of Bhutan so much that they do not even point a finger at the king’s house.

Dochala pass:
A cloud-covered memorial on the way to Pune. Impossibly beautiful place. Smritisaud here. Samadhi is over 100. It would be good to walk around. The clouds came and filled up while taking pictures. I want to sit for some more time !!

Another small town. You can go rafting on the river Punakha. 6 thousand rupees per boat. 6 people can get on one boat. Not so risky. Just courage and if you do as they say, no one will be able to stop you from enjoying it. Punakhar Jung is the wedding place of Bhutan. Everyone comes here and gets married. Many people get married and come to worship.

Suspension Bridge, Punakha Jung. Impossibly beautiful environment. And clear.

Bhutan’s main attraction in Paro is not seeing the Tiger Nest. If you want you can trek the whole road.

Bhutan’s main attraction in Paro is not seeing the Tiger Nest. If you want you can trek the whole road. It is better not to do the whole trek without previous experience. Horses can be taken up to half way. 500 each. The whole trek will take three hours to get up and two hours to get down. If you want to go inside Tiger Nest, you have to pay 500 rupees for a ticket. Mobile, can’t take the camera inside. There is a locker, you have to leave it there.

Border area. Next to it is a dirty area like Jaigaon. And on this side of the gate is a bright, quiet, secluded, orderly city. It would be nice to just walk to this unfamiliar place.

Bhutan has the lowest carbon emissions in the world. And clean clean. So don’t come up with your own story. Obey the law. Do not throw dirt anywhere under any circumstances. They will respect that place.

Some necessary conversations

*Bhutan’s weather is very rainy. When it rained then. It came, it went. Must with umbrella, rain coat.
*If you want to go to Bhutan, try to go in groups of 8-9 people, then the cost will be less.
*For immigration to Bhutan, keep a photocopy of passport, passport size photo and Thimphu hotel *booking paper. A few more copies of additional passport photocopy and photo will also be kept with you.
*Money will be exchanged from the border, if you do it elsewhere, the rate will be lower. If you want to *withdraw money from ATM, it is better to withdraw from Chandra bandha.

*Try to eat in Indian restaurants. If you have any doubts about halal or haram, it is better to go to veg.
*To deal with extreme cold, take heavy jacket, thermal inner, gloves, wool leg socks.
*If you climb up the hilly winding road by car, you may feel nauseous or headache. Keep adequate amount of headache, vomiting, gastric medicine with you.
*If you have a gultram when you return from Bhutan, you will have to spend in Bhutan, otherwise you will not be able to exchange these.
*Cross the road with Zebra Crossing.
*If there is any need, you can take the help of local people, they are very helpful and almost everyone can speak English.
*Take water and dry food with you when you get up in Tiger Nest. If you have a heavy bag, leave it down

Some requests: Do not do anything to ruin the environment when you go somewhere. Do not throw indigestible items including water bottles, chips / food packets where they are, throw them at the designated place. Be nice to the locals.

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