Sundarban Tour package 5D/4N

Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world. And so the presence of the Sundarbans on the one hand has made the nature of Bangladesh as diverse as on the other hand has made the whole world proud of our little Bangladesh, the Bengali nation.
If you want to find yourself in the middle of rivers and deep forests, or if you want to immerse yourself in the sea, rivers and green forests.

Best Sundarban Tour Spot:

Kochokhali (Tiger Point)

Egg Island

Katka Office

Jamtola Watch Tower

Badamtola Sea Beach.


Dubla Island

Schedule Details


We will start our journey to Sundarbans from Dhaka at 03.30 pm to 04.00 pm We take our dinner at 09.00 pm to 10.00 pm .And we stay night on our vessel.


In the morning we will take our breakfast at 8.30 am to 09.00 am. We take our refreshment 12.00pm to 12.30pm.We reached Khochikhali (tiger point)& Egg Island at 03.00 pm to 03.30 pm .In the meantime we take our lunch at 02.00pm to 03.00 pm .We visit Khochikhali(tiger point) at 03.30 pm to 05.30 pm .We come back our vessels at 05.30 pm. and start our journey for Katka .We take our refreshment at 06.00 pm to 07.00 pm .We reached Katka at 08.30pm to 09.00 pm .We take our dinner at 09.00pm to 10.00pm.And we stay night on our vessels.


We visit Katka office forest spot at 05.30am to 07.30am.In the mean time we take any snakes .We come back our vessels and take our breakfast at 08.00am to 09.00am.After breakfast we will visit jamtola watch tower ,Kotka Beach and Beach walk, Jungle walk, Sun-bathing and so on to 12.30pm.In the meantime we will take any snakes .At 12.30pm we will come back our vessels and we start our journey for Dubla island .We take our lunch at 01.30pm to 02.30pm.We will reach Dubla island at 03.30pm.We will visit Dubla island(Alorkol) at 03.30pm to 05.30pm.We start our journey for Hironpoint at 05.30pm to 06.00pm.We take our refreshment at 07.00pm to 07.30pm.We reached Hironpoint at 07.30pm to 08.00pm.We will take our dinner at 08.30pm t0 09.30pm and stay our night here on our vessels.


In the morning we will visit Hironpoint at 06.00am to 08.00am.We Take our breakfast at 08.30am to 09.00am. We start our return journey at 09.00am.We take refreshment & launch on vessel .We will take our dinner at 08.30pm to 09.30pm.We stay night on running vessels.


In 4th day early in the morning we will take our breakfast at 08.30am to 09.00am.We take our refreshment at 11.00am to 12.00pm.We take our lunch at 01.30pm to 02.00pm.We reached Dhaka 05.30pm to 06.00pm.Our journey will completed at 06.30pm.


What kinds of clothes do we carry?

Please carry warm clothes in winter, it might get chilly. For summers any kind of clothes. Since the trip has interaction with villagers, it is advisable to wear covered clothes.

What kind of identity proof do we need and who gets the necessary permits? For Bangladeshi we need any kind of photo id proof, and for foreign travelers original PASSPORT is a must, which they have to carry on their travel. We do all the necessary permissions and permits.

Availability of the tour?

We do tours on an everyday basis, though there is an extra cost if there are no groups on that day. E-mail or call us to find about the available groups.

Do we carry sleeping bags?

No you do not need to carry sleeping bags or blankets.

What are the chances of seeing the animals?

No one can guarantee animal sightings. But Sundarban is more than just animal sightings. The people the landscape, the nature is the real winner of that place.

Does the tour cover any kind of insurance?

NO, the tour does not cover any kind of insurance.

Do we have to pay anything extra for our cameras?

We pay for your digital cameras, however if you have a handy cam (video camera), an extra cost of rs 300 has to be paid by the traveler.

How can we book the tour?

Directly from our website By emails By phone calls

Are there any refunds if we do not like the tour?

We have been doing this trip since 2007 and a list of happy clients is a testimonial for our good services. We are open to any advices or suggestions; however do not embarrass yourself by asking for refunds, because there are NONE.

How can we pay for the tour?

Cash Online Payment Paypal Bank transfers Demand drafts.

What are the Cancellation charges?

We believe that people can have serious causes for canceling the tour, so we have kept a policy where we try to minimize the damage for our clients. Flat 30 percent will be deducted for any kind of cancellations 2 days (24 hours)before the trip, however in case of NO-SHOW, there will be no refund, all fifty percent will be deducted. In cases where the traveler cannot reach on time due to late trains or flights, we can always accommodate them on the next tour, without any extra costs.

Are there any hidden costs?


Price Start From

৳ 9,000.00


Total Seats: 24 ( Available 14 )



Service Included in the Price

  • Cruise Inside the deep forest with vessel.
  • Accommodation on vessel on cabin.
  • All activities inside the forest as per itinerary.
  • All Meals during the trip.
  • Mineral water for drinking during the trip.
  • Forest Fees & Permission.
  • Two Armed forest guard from the forest department.
  • An accompanied experience guide during the trip.
  • Tea, Coffee and Mineral water will be available.

Service Excluded in the Price

  • Any food or drinks other than mentioned above
  • 1200bdt video camera fee
  • Any personal Item