Nagarkot is one of the tourist attractions in Nepal

Nagarkot is one of the tourist attractions in Nepal

Nagarkot is considered as one of the tourist attractions in Nepal. So go on a trip to Nepal, but don’t go to Nagarkot, just 32 kilometers from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, it can’t be.

Nagarkot is located east of Kathmandu. Pokhara is located 204 km to the west. Those who travel to Nepal plan their tours with Pokhara in mind. Since Nagarkot and Pokhara are both on both sides of Kathmandu, many people skip Nagarkot from their tour plans if time is short. But many are unaware that the filling of Nagarkot cannot be found in Pokhara.

nagarkot hill view

The best view of the Himalayas is from Nagarkot in Bhaktapur district of Nepal. Nagarkot is especially famous for watching the sunrise from the lap of the Himalayas. The city of Kathmandu can also be seen from Nagarkot. Eight of the 13 Himalayan peaks can be seen from Nagarkot. Since you will be in Nagarkot, you will not be able to see if there are too many clouds in the sky.

Why go to Nagarkot?

Needless to say, Nagarkot is the best option for those who like to hike. Nagarkot is located 6,000 feet above sea level. As a result, the clouds will be far below you. Clouds often enter through the windows of the hotel where you are staying and may get you a little wet.

You can go out very early in the morning to watch the sunrise. Besides, during breakfast, you will be fascinated by the light reflected in the sunlight in the distant Himalayan hills and will stare at it with unblinking eyes. When you walk in the mountains, the fascination of seeing something new will overwhelm you.

Never walk up the hill, never go down again. You will see various kinds of mountain flowers and fruits. You can hang out with hill people. Apart from Nepali, Nepalis are fluent in Hindi. So if you can speak and understand Hindi fluently, then touring Nepal will not be difficult for you.
As Nepal is a Hindu country, you will find many temples here. Even on the very top of the hill so you will find the temple.

Here buffalo milk is used more in milk tea or any dairy food. I didn’t understand that buffalo milk tea and yoghurt are so much fun if I didn’t go to Nepal. Those who go to Nagarkot must come with buffalo milk tea and yoghurt. And don’t forget to eat the hill bananas of Nagarkot. Get the awesome test.

nagarkot hapiness

Weather of Nagarkot:
Nagarkot is quite cold all year round. History has shown that the royal family of Nepal used to come to Nagarkot for summer vacations.

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