London City

London City

The City of Modern Babylon

The man who can dominate a London dinner table can dominate the world

London is the largest city in Western Europe. In a nutshell, London is a city of tradition, with high-rise buildings, bridges, clean streets, narrow streets, royal-style buildings and a city of tradition. It is one of the most important cities in the world for trade and politics. It is a city of art, culture, fashion and entertainment.

In my opinion, the original British are a very polite nation. As I was crossing the road, I saw that the car was stopping automatically to give me sound. Again when I give a car a chance to go first he shakes hands and thanks me. Civilization and grandeur to remember. They do not interfere in anyone’s work, and they never interfere in each other’s freedom.


There is no other bridge in the country as beautiful and famous as the Tower Bridge over the River Thames in East London, which will attract you with its strange beauty.

The Tower Bridge consists of two main towers, which are connected by two walkways at a height of 34 meters from the main road and about 42 meters above the mark as far as the river water rises at high tide. The road from both sides of the river leads to a part of the bridge that can be widened and steep on both sides. Each of the giant sheets of the bridge weighs about 1,200 tons, and when they are opened, they stand at an angle of 7 degrees. Ships weighing about 10,000 tons can safely cross the bridge.

london- street
london- Big Ben

The heritage and history of London:

Thousands of visitors enjoy the beauty of Tower Bridge like British Museum, Westminster Bridge, London Eye, London Bridge etc.
So if you have the opportunity to travel to London, do not forget to see the beauty of the Tower Bridge as well as the Tower Bridge at night.

Some of the notable places in London City are:

•Madame Tussauds,London Eye
•Westminster Palace – Iconic Building
•Big Ben – London’s iconic clock
•Shakespeare Globe, Trafalgar Square
•Tower bridge which divides the space if the ship needs to go.
•London Tower, St. Paul’s Cathedral
•Westminster Bridge and Abbey
•Hyde Park, Green Park, Regent’s Park
•Queen Elizabeth’s residence is Buckingham Palace
•That Notting Hill place in the movie ‘Notting Hill’
•Piccadilly, Lord’s Cricket Ground
•Cassington Palace
•Oxford University, East London University
•Greenwich Standard Temple
•South End
•Stoneage – A mysterious place
•Royal Bath – In Bath City

There are also several museums for free entry, such as the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, the War Museum, the Science Museum, and more.


You will be absolutely overwhelmed to see so many things on a UK trip
Those are:

Old British soldiers march past Buckingham Palace with old weapons, cannons and horses.

During the trip to Roman Bath, I was proud to see Bengali written in many languages ​​in the writings describing the place.

When I stand in the zero meridian line (0-0-0 longitude).

Madame Tussauds saw wax figures inside the illusion of the first room, where each person looked at the other person and was confused as to whether the statue was real or not.

Seeing the big double decker bus driving on the narrow streets of London.

Beautiful maintenance of the famous River Thames in London and beautiful installations along its banks.

Docklands Light Railway on the way to Stratford.

It was like being in a state of unconsciousness after seeing a very valuable perfume at Harads (each of which cost about Rs 7.6 lakh).

Hear an impossibly beautiful song in the voice of an artist while walking on the subway under the ground.

Nostalgic for the stories I’ve read before while walking around Hyde Park and Baker Street.

Visiting the full skeleton of a giant dinosaur at the Natural History Museum.

Mummy of the Pharaohs of Egypt at the British Museum.

Touching a 4.5 billion year old outer space in Greenwich’s planetarium with one hand (eight zeros after 45)!

Seeing the mysterious place Stone, which is believed to have been done 3000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Lastly, remember that you represent the country wherever you go, so don’t do anything that spoils the environment and don’t throw garbage wherever you go.

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