Imagine your first moto-travel story in Bangladesh

When talking about moto traveling in Bangladesh the first thing that comes up through motorcycle enthusiasts that there is a cc limit of 165cc in this small country, and a myth that we don’t have good roads to travel with our bikes. In 2021 this statement might be funny to you if you are a Bangladeshi and also a moto traveler at the same time.

In this country motorcycle is one of the biggest crazes after any other sports or habits that can be measure by popularity. Here it doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 51 you will definitely love a motorcycle due to your daily needs or passion for it.

Let me tell you about my first ever moto traveling story where I get all of the road thrills possible. The story started back in 2017 when almost everyone in my circle has their own bike. Youngstar like us always dreams to travel by our own bike across the country and someday the whole world. The inspiration comes from Moto Travellers But due to insufficient facilities, we don’t get the best privileges.

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