A walk into Heaven of Clouds- Sajek

A walk into Heaven of Clouds- Sajek

Imagine that you are standing on a hill 1800 feet high. Clouds are moving around. You can’t even see distant objects behind the clouds. Sometimes coming too close and touching the clouds makes you tremble ….

Our journey started from Dhaka at 10 pm by taking the Shanti Paribahan bus, the purpose – Sajek. The story of Sajek that I have only heard in public so far, now it is the turn of that dream to come true. The bus of peace dropped us off at Dighinala very early in the morning. There were 34 of us in the whole group. We didn’t have breakfast down there. Then we set off in a pre-arranged Chad car to get lost in the cloud kingdom.

Day 1

On the way to Sajek there is a fountain on the left hand side. The name of the waterfall is ‘Hajachara’ waterfall. We got off the bus to see this waterfall and did not delay a moment. Somehow I left after having breakfast. But sadly we did not see the fountain. The army did not allow it due to security concerns.

Anyway, our car started moving forward through the hilly terrain of Khagrachhari. Around 9 am we reached Dighinala cantonment. The army escort will leave from here at 10.30 am. Nothing to say about Army escorts. This escort leaves twice a day. One at 10.30 am, the other at 3 pm. All the tourists’ vehicles were collected and the army took the vehicles to Sajek through the front and back guards. If you miss the escort in any way, but eat bash. One of our group misses the escort on the way back, for which we eat bash (bamboo).

Nograi nok resort

After Dighinala, the vehicle crossed Khagrachhari and entered Rangamati district. And with that began the wonderful beauty of the mountains. Rows and rows of hills around! The horizon is wide green and green. Occasionally there are some small zoom houses in the distance. In the middle of the high and low hills, our car started moving forward on the road that was moving like a snake. Even in this remote area, the Bangladesh Army has built a road for the movement of vehicles by breaking bones in the mountains . On the way, I saw the houses of the hills on both sides. Small children on both sides were standing smiling for chocolates. In this way we reached ‘Masalang Bazar’ army camp. Here all the cars are collected together. Then the journey began again. It took about two hours to reach Sajek from Dighinala. When we reached Sajek,

we ran with our bags in the pouring rain to the resort reserved for us – ‘Nagrai Knock’.

Arriving at the resort we freshened up with a shower. How is the water there! Even after washing my hands with soap, it seemed that there was probably more soap left in my hands. There is a water crisis in the mountains. Those of you who go to the mountains will try not to waste a single drop of water as these waters are brought with great difficulty (water should not be wasted anywhere).

Anyway, after lunch I went and sat on the veranda of the resort. I’m shocked !! My God !! I see so many clouds !! So far I have only come after reviews in travel groups. The fact that the clouds are really frozen like this was beyond my imagination. This awesome beauty can be enjoyed from almost all the resorts in Sajak. As far as the eye can see, there are rows and rows of hills and mountains on the horizon. And sometimes the raft of white clouds is frozen! He will never be able to feel so beautiful that he has not seen it face to face. It seemed that this scene would not satisfy the taste of life!

Everyone enjoyed this wonderful creation of Allah Almighty for some time. When the sun came up in the afternoon, I went to the helipad to watch the sunset. The whole area of Chittagong Hill Tracts is under the control of Bangladesh Army. Sajek is no exception. Saje has two helipads for military use. From the two pads you can get a wonderful view of the huge sky.

As the evening approached, everyone was busy chatting. I went out alone to see Sajak at night. The true beauty of a city is revealed in its markets at night. Making friends with hundreds of thousands of stars in the night sky, I started walking alone from head to toe of Sajek. Sometimes I tasted mountain dab, bash coral and hot coffee made in tribal cafes. We all had dinner at night. A group of us were busy singing. And our room was asleep then. You have to get up before the light comes on. I will see a strange beauty tomorrow morning.

Day 2

At 4.30 in the morning, a line of light can be seen in the eastern sky. The whole sky is becoming brighter with the colorful six of light! As if in anticipation of Kiser’s arrival …

Very quickly we got ready and went out for the helipad. The color of the sky is then gradually getting brighter. After a while a certain part of the nearby sky became brighter. It was getting late for us. And immediately after that the sun rose. That sun is thousands of years old! For centuries, every day, green has been appearing at the gates of this world with such great pride. This is the first time in my life to see so close!

After watching the sunrise from the helipad, a total of 11 of us set off for the highest peak of Sajek Valley – ‘Kanlak Hill’. This mountain seemed a bit mysterious to me. Its height is about 1800 feet above the plane. The trail to climb the hill is fairly easy, although it will take about 30-40 minutes. People live in such high mountains. The ‘Lusai’ and ‘Tripura’ tribes have been living here for hundreds of years (according to their commentary). I had a long talk with a local Tripura shopkeeper.

I looked around and saw their way of life, environment, culture !! Everyone was busy taking pictures then. I wandered around their whole neighborhood alone as an old habit. Half of this neighborhood is Hindu and half Christian. There is a Christian church and cemetery.

For some reason, Kangla’s mind did not last long. It was as if there was a strange smell all around. There is a police camp on one side of Kanlak. From there, the mountains of the Indian state of Mizoram can be clearly seen. However, if you can get up to Kangla, you will get a touch of fresh clouds. There is more wind here than in Sajak. The clouds in front of our eyes were touching us with their cool hands! Ah! Life is beautiful …..

On the way down from Kanlak, I bought a banana from a shop and ate it. 1 small pair of bananas 10 rupees, very sweet. When I returned to the room, the sun was almost overhead. I had breakfast and rested for a while. After a while another trek will start – ‘Kamalak Jharna.

Another name of this fountain is ‘Pidam Taisa’ fountain. Some even call it ‘Lusai Jharna’. I bought a bush on the way to Kangla in the morning. I started the journey with that. I still couldn’t imagine what was in front of me, this fountain about 1500 feet below the ground. Understand the situation.

When I got off, I just kept going down the steep slope. There is no name or smell of any plane. At the very bottom of the slope! I’m getting down! It never occurred to me how much it would take to get there. Anyway, about 40 minutes down the road to Akabaka I heard the sound of a fountain in the thick green. There was a lot of water in the fountain as there was no rain. But I realized how much its youth blossomed in the rainy season. We all got wet for about an hour.

This time I went on many more trails before it was my turn to get up. But this trail was really making me almost muddy. At 60-65 degree angle, I’m just getting up! As if the path never ends! There is no way to stop and take a rest. The fear of the same joke, the mountain mosquitoes swarming over him. Many in our group came on such a trail for the first time in their lives. The condition of each of them was very bad. I was getting up and thinking about the hills living here. No matter how hard they live here !! Eventually this terrible trail came to an end. We crossed the trail and came to the locality and rested for about 20 minutes. Back then the whole group is behind. About 40 minutes after entering our room, they appeared one by one with tired bodies.

It was raining outside when I sat down to eat at the hotel next to the resort at noon. Some local boys are soaking in the rain water with great joy. We are lucky to have seen about 2/3 different weather. I made a strong decision to get wet in the rain after eating. But as soon as I finished eating, the omni rain stopped

Back in the room, someone was chatting, someone was sleeping. In the afternoon I went for a walk again in another helipad. There are many resorts in Saje. However, the most beautiful resort I have visited is ‘Runmoy’. This resort is owned by Bangladesh Army. I was feeling sorry, Ish! If I had an officer’s rank today, I would probably come here. Immediately the mind said again, stay, this time it did not happen. Next time, I will swing in the swing of Runmoy holding the hand of my favorite person with the rank of officer (Inshallah)

As long as I was there, I tried to try all the different dishes of Sajek. I drank bash tea twice. Along with some sweet and sour cakes made by the hills. On the night of the 2nd day we had dinner with ‘Bamboo Chicken’. The chicken is cooked in a special way in the bash. This dish is very tasty

Day 3

Sajeke usually everyone comes for 1 day. We were on a relaxation tour for 2 days. On the morning of the 3rd day I woke up and went again to see the sunrise. This time I did not get on the helipad but went to the park of the army camp next to it. I bought a ticket for 20 rupees and went inside. The inside is a little tidy. There are several swings. I know why the clouds declared rebellion that morning. I never imagined that I would be able to see so many rows of frozen clouds. I spent the morning in that park and came back to the room.

I had a quick breakfast and got fresh. I have to get out. 11 of us will leave Sajek in an escort at 10.30 in the morning. The rest will return in the afternoon escort. And then I will return to Dhaka by night bus together.

Before leaving, I entered the ‘Stone Garden’ next to the Sajek main gate. Here also 20 rupees ticket. Nothing too ahamri. There is an artificial bridge and 2 swings. Perfect place to take pictures.

The cars left at exactly 10.30 am. Those who go to Sajek, they will keep this timing in mind. We set off again to lose sight of the dense green of the mountains. On the way back I was sometimes on the roof of the moon car, sometimes hanging in the back of the car, sometimes in the driver’s side seat.

All in all, I have felt the beauty of the whole road from afar and am overwhelmed by the wonderful beauty of Allah Almighty! The car is now descending down a wide slope. From time to time I see some isolated hill houses, how many more hill people are sitting in the market with hookahs drawn ….!

We reached Dighinala around 1 pm and had lunch. Then I reached the 5th fountain of my life – ‘Risang’ fountain after another 1 hour drive! Risang is a strange fountain. The water is flowing from above in a very steep rocky valley. As there was no rain, the flow in the spring was not so much. However, seeing the water marks around, I realized how horrible this fountain looks in the whole water.

Causes. Let me say one thing, this fountain is very slippery. If you slip a little, there is a possibility of extensive injury. One of us was anxious to take a picture and started moving forward without seeing the sleepy area. A little later I saw Mr. Like Bin he slides downwards and goes after. Another man applied fairness cream to his face after bathing. After that, he washed his hands in the water of the fountain and went downstairs chanting the kalema. Both were seriously injured. But yes, the fountain is beautiful, very beautiful, like.

Very quickly we got up from the fountain. Today’s main target will be kayaking at the Horticulture Park. I didn’t waste a single drop of time for this kayaking. Our next target was – ‘Tareng’. From here a wonderful view of the whole city of Khagrachhari can be seen. I also dropped Tarenta to spend more time kayaking. We went straight from Risang to Alutila Cave. I bought a ticket for 20 rupees and a torch for 10 rupees and left for Alutila. This cave can be entered with one end and exited with the other end. Nothing can be seen in the light of that torch, so I have to turn on the flash of my mobile. After entering this cave, I got lost for some time in the primitive age.

Sunshan is silent in this environment. It was pitch dark. Touch of cool water under the feet! You should definitely taste this cave at least once if you have the chance. I went in the wrong direction with the light in my hand. Suddenly two bats came and attacked me. I immediately turn off the lights, and the bats calm down. It takes about 10 minutes to enter the cave with one end and exit with the other. Didn’t take long.

Now I will go straight to Khagrachhari District Council Park for kayaking. Just as our car was about to start, suddenly a call came on Yasin’s mobile phone – the group we missed escort to leave Sajek in the afternoon.

The army escort left at 3 in the afternoon. The driver who was supposed to bring them had eaten the goods. Our group arrived 16 minutes late and the exit was closed by then

Now they are forced to wait for the next morning’s escort. The money in everyone’s hands is almost at the end, on top of that the cost of another extra day. The resort we were staying at had already been booked by another group. Meanwhile, the bus ticket to return to Dhaka was also cut in advance. I mean, they went after a huge trouble from all sides.

The kayaking that I had planned all day for was forced to be dropped. We went to the Shanti bus counter in Khagrachari to cancel their tickets. When I got out of the counter, the light of day was almost gone, and there was no time for kayaking. What else to do ….

I wanted to sit in the ‘New Zealand neighborhood’ on the last afternoon of that day and watch the sunset. I heard from the driver of the moon car that you can’t go to New Zealand without the winter season. Then I stood there and made a plan in my mind – I will come back to Khagrachari in winter. We will take a day tour of the service – “Hatimura, Tareng, Horticulture Park and New Zealand neighborhood”.

We ate dinner that day at the famous Montana Hotel in Khagrachari. The taste of their food is as funny as the price is reasonable. Some people eat nan bread with halim, some people eat parota vegetables and some people eat biryani. Before boarding the bus, I bought a pickle / chutney from the local market and said goodbye to the hill town.

Goodbye Khagrachhari, I will come back again soon

[Note: -Bangladesh is very beautiful. Please keep the environment the way you want it to look when you go somewhere. Happy Traveling]

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