How to Travel Pakistan By Road

How to Travel Pakistan By Road

Pakistan By Road

The process of traveling to Pakistan by road through India, a foreigner from India has to enter Pakistan through the Wagah border adjacent to Lahore in order to enter Pakistan by road. But sadly, India does not issue any transit visa for exit through Wagah border. So be clear, there is no transit visa to go to Pakistan by road. So instead of transit visa, you have to take Indian tourist visa. After entering India, you will need to apply for an exit permit at the FRRO office in India to enter Pakistan through the Wagah border

The things you need to apply for an exit permit

  1. Photocopy of the first two pages of the passport.
  2. Photocopy of the page on which the Indian visa stamp seal has been stamped.
  3. C-form from the hotel.
  4. Passport size photo.
  5. Tickets for the train / bus / plane that came to India. .
  6.  Application (Write the application showing the reason why you want to enter Pakistan. Write straight as the reason you want to enter for the tour)

 All these things have to be scanned and taken in PDF format. Because all these have to be submitted online. You cannot apply for this exit permit while you are in Bangladesh. You have to do it after entering India. Tour process .

Which Visa need at First:

First you will get tourist visa from both India and Pakistan. There is no question of which country to take first. You can take any one. However, you can apply for a Pakistani visa first, as it takes a little longer to arrive. Then you will go to Kolkata first with visa.

Transportation From Dhaka:

There are buses from Kamalapur or Arambagh in Dhaka to Kolkata. The rent will be around 1800 rupees. Besides, they will charge Rs 500 while crossing Benapole port.

You can also travel Kolkata via Maitree express Train which are from Dhaka cantonment railway stations. But

you should give the travel tax in sonali bank BDT 500 no matter what route / border you are going to use.

Hotels & Resorts

While staying in Bangladesh, book a hotel in Kolkata online, it will cost much less. Arrive in Kolkata and stay at the hotel for 1 night. Then get up in the morning and take the C-form from them. Before getting up at the hotel, ask if they give C-form. Don’t go to a hotel that doesn’t offer C-FM. Again, if you give a bribe of 1-2 hundred rupees, many people give it. However, hotels booked online usually offer C-form.

How to submit Application to FRRO

Go to FRRO’s website through any computer shop without delay with C-form and apply for FRRO’s Delhi branch for exit permit through Wagah Border. I have mentioned above what it takes to apply. Print a hardcopy of it after application. Then you will reach Delhi by train from Kolkata’s Howrah station. The Kolkata-to-Delhi train will also be booked in advance while in Bangladesh. Normal train fare is around Rs. 3500, and if booked 5-6 days in advance, it will cost around Rs. 1600. Upon arrival in Delhi, the hard copy of the exit permit application and other accompanying documents should be submitted to the FRRO office in Delhi.

What Next?

Then it’s time to wait. As per the rules, exit permit should be granted within 2 to 14 days. Once you get the exit permit, you will take the train from Delhi to the city of Amritsar near the Wagah border. The rent will be around 500 rupees. You can easily enter Lahore by showing Indian visa, Pakistani visa and exit permit at Wagah border. At Lahore Immigration, after looking at your visa, passport, you can give a form called ‘C-form’, you may not give it again. If you give the form, fill it out and quickly go to a police station and submit the form. The police will submit that C-form and give you another form called ‘B-form’. Take this tour with great care.

At the end of the tour, the day before you return to India, go back to the police station and submit the B-form, then you will be given a travel permit from the police station. With this permit you can leave Pakistan through Wagah border and come to India. It is worth mentioning here that Wagah does not give C-form to everyone from Pakistani immigration at the border. C-form is given to the suspect. If the C-form does not give then there is no problem.

But if you do, then you must continue the above processes without neglecting, otherwise you will have to run to Islamabad after the trouble. But the Pakistani authority is sincere enough. They will not turn you around like Indians day after day. Will work immediately. After leaving Pakistan, there is no more work. You will cross India and come to Bangladesh by train and bus as before. And this is how your bye road tour will be completed.

Important Note

The main problem of the road tour is the Indian Authority’s Guartumi. If the fortune is good, they give the exit permit within a few days. But sometimes it can take days. Then you have to stay in India, or back in Bangladesh. So, if you go abroad, there will be a risk of returning to the country without a tour.

Esitimated Cost of travel

Cost: Dhaka-Kolkata =1800Rs & From kolkata- delhi = 2500rs. so around cost of up & down 10000rs. Besides, you have to pay 500 rupees at Benapole port. If you get an exit permit within 4-5 days, take the hotel bill and food cost 6 thousand rupees. However, if you go to the group and share the room, it will be 3-4 thousand rupees. If India gives you a quick exit permit, then you can go to Pakistan in just 15,000rs

But if the permit is delayed, hotel and food bills will continue to rise. The cost of living in India is also relatively high. If you stay in India for 10 days, you can spend 16-18 days in Pakistan by booking a better quality hotel with that money. All in all, a tour of Pakistan on the By Road can cost Rs 40,000. However, at least 50 thousand rupees is not in hand for safety

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