Gosaikunda Trek

Gosaikunda Trek

 Marvel with both religious and natural blessings of Langtang region

Gosaikunda may be a good option for those who can’t think of going on a trek in Nepal thinking it will take a long time. This is also an ideal trek for those who want to test themselves at very high altitudes for the first time.

Itinerary of Gosaikunda Trek from Kathmandu:

[1] From Kathmandu to Dhunche – An annoying bus journey of about 7-8 hours
[2] Dhunche to Deorali (2500 m) – about 3 hours trek
[3] Deolali to Cholangpati (3500 m) – 4-5 hours trek
[4] From Cholangpati to Gosaikunda (4360 m – 4-5 hours trek)


The trek to this itinerary will take 7-8 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu if it is too much. There is a dining area on this trail. This trail is not a very difficult one. The path started through a very beautiful unity rhododendron forest. On the second day of the trail you will reach the very ridge of the hill. Himaway ranges will be on both sides. But since you are getting very high, you can get sick very quickly due to lack of oxygen. Keep this in mind. Know the symptoms of ‘Acute Mountaineering Sickness’ well.
The water of this delicious lake is very sacred to the Hindus. After bathing in the cold water of this lake, many people come here from far and wide for atonement. There are hundreds of high altitude lakes, not just one or two, in the entire Goisaikunda region.

Gosaikunda is a very interesting place for those who are interested in mountaineering as well as having fun exploring. There are one or two lakes hidden in the folds of almost every hill. There are also numerous peaks of 4500 to 4900 meters including Surya Peak at an altitude of 5,000 meters. There are opportunities to hone your skills by climbing these peaks.
The weather here changes from time to time. Three or four day trek so there is no chance to neglect. Trek with all the clothes you need for high altitude.

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