Best Places to visit in Sylhet

Best Places to visit in Sylhet

Sylhet is one of the wonderful areas of Bangladesh

It is hard to see the excellence of Sylhet. I have simply attempted to give a concise portrayal of the striking places of interest.

Sylhet rural life

Sylhet Tourist Spot:

  • Ratargul
  • Bichanakandi
  • Kulumchara
  • Lakshanchhara
  • Pantumai
  • Lalakhal
  • Jaflong
  • Sangrampunji Jharna
  • Haor of DB
  • Bholaganj
  • Lobachhara
  • Utmachara
  • Sovereign Bridge
  • Amjad Ali’s watch
  • Shahjalal Science and Technology B: School
  • Khadimnagar National Park


Let the excursion to Sylhet start by visiting the hallowed place of Hazrat Shahjalal (ra). The altar is situated in the core of the city. In the event that you need you can go to the sanctuary promptly toward the beginning of the day or around evening time. There are various types of pigeons in a lake of carrot fish in the hallowed place. There are additionally a lot more places of worship in Sylhet, including the sanctuary of Hazrat Shah Paran (ra).


Ratargul Swamp Forest

It is supposed to be another excellent spot with assortment. A remarkable mix of lines of trees with water is an energizing nature. With everything taken into account, you will have a decent day. Inshallah, the image from the Watch Tower is inconceivably excellent.

The condition of this water is extremely unusual in the stormy season. There is water up to the abdomen of a tree. Those that are somewhat more modest, they are half lowered in water once more. The entire timberland is by all accounts dull as a result of the thick vegetation. Sporadically the tree stalks will impede the way. They must be taken out by hand. In any case, in the stormy season you need to stroll in this woodland cautiously. Since Ratargul is the cave of snakes. In the blustery season, snakes have their spot on the trees as the water increments.

The experience of seeing the trees lowered under the reasonable water of the haor in the stormy season is awesome

Kadamtali – Amberkhana – Sahebbazar – Ratargul


There is the same old thing to say about it.

It is known as a bed of stones. Simultaneously, the virus clear water moving from the Indian line has made the spot look astounding.

Bichanakandi is a town situated on the Bangladesh-India line in Rustam Union, Gowainghat Upazila, Sylhet. Situated between the nurseries and the awesome excellence of the slopes, the Khasi slopes come from the two finishes of this heavenly green land. Here, alongside the cascades, the dark mists cover the slopes during the blustery season. Plus, a part of Piain stream streams towards Bholaganj.

Sylhet – Goainghat – Hadarpar Bazar – Bichanakandi


Kulumchhara is a town on the line of Gowainghat upazila in Sylhet. The spring that streams from the Indian boundary is known as Kulumchhara. The mumble of the flows and the flows of the water made the spot uncommon.

bagpacker team in bichanakandi
bagpacker team in bichanakandi

Kadamtali – Amberkhana – Goainghat – Hadarpar – Kulumchhara

Side effects:

Lakshanchhara is situated in Gowainghat upazila. Some separation from Bichanakandi. There is a delightful little extension for exploring the Indian boundary close to the surge of Jharna.


Pantumai spring is close by from Bichanakandi. Area of Pantumai town in Gowainghat upazila, Meghalaya. The town is quite possibly the most excellent towns in Bangladesh.

(Since Bichanakandi, Kulumchhara, Pantumai, Lakshanchhara are practically in a similar spot, you can go wherever by leasing a boat together. In any case, tell the boatman ahead of time.)



Lalakhal is situated in Jaintapur upazila of Sylhet. The distance is around 39 kilometers from Sylhet city. Quite possibly the most attractive perspectives on Lalakhal is the blue sky and clear water in various parts. Be that as it may, it is a happy chance to go here in winter, on the grounds that in the blustery season, the water stream is more turbid because of the great progression of water and the clearness of the water will make you dumbfounded.


when you go in winter season!! So certain that you can’t envision the profundity of the lower part of the water. Those of us who are familiar with seeing metropolitan contaminated air and debilitated Buriganga or Shitalakshya, sitting in a boat subsequent to seeing this water of Lalakhal will be the eighth marvel of the world!!! Again in certain spots the shade of the water will change to an entire pool! The otherworldly magnificence on the two sides of Lalakhal and the palm fronds of little and large mountain waves will charm you. You can invest the entire energy in the tea plant and invest some additional time. Your psyche was thinking

Sylhet – Sarighat – Lalakhalpare


Some time ago, Sylhet implied Jaflong to travelers. Jaflong is truly stunning with its stone laying on the banks of the Piain River. On the off chance that you turn away from the current, you can see Dauki Bridge. I originally went in 2003. As far as magnificence, it isn’t care for previously.


Sylhet – Jaintapur – Jaflong

Struggle Fountain:

The waterfall is located on the Indian border, a 20-minute walk from Jaflong. If you want, it can be seen from very close.

Haor of DB:

DB Haor is located at Jaintapur in Sylhet. This haor is located in the foothills of Meghalaya with a few bills. In the rainy season, a lot of red water lilies bloom on the bill. So it is better to go very early in the morning to enjoy the beauty of Shuffler.

Sylhet – Jaintapur – Haor of DB


Bholaganj Sadapathar:

Located in Kompaniganj, a bordering upazila of Sylhet district, about 37 km from Sylhet city. Bholaganj Dhalai river, bordering Zero Point is known as “White Stone”.

Sada pathor, bholagonj

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