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Bagpacker People is not your regular travel blog, It offers more than that. BP itself is a travel diary and can be your next guideline to travel in Bangladesh and all throughout the world, Interesting right?

Our Mission

Bagpacker People blog helps conscious travelers find the most inspiring options for their next trip/ride/adventure – to Bangladesh or around the world.

Who are Bagpacker People for?

Let us clear one thing, Bagpacker People is for everyone who is a traveler or thinking about traveling. Even if you are reading all this then BP is for you. So sit back and plan your next trip from BP. By the way, the one thing that connects you and us is that we all love to travel and enough enthusiasts to know more from any sources possible. Lastly, Be Awaken to a Different World with us

At Bagpacker People we have confidence in groundbreaking excursions and encounters that make something great. We believe that travel is one of the best tools for personal expansion and consciousness that we have, but at the same time, we know that we need to care about the impact of our travel.

What is Our Style of Travel?

Our excursions have roused us to investigate various societies, and we are captivated by Middle Eastern engineering, in adoration with bright Bangladesh, and go off the deep end for finding covered up places in Asia.

We expound on delicate – experience travel: you’ll see us eating nearby street food, getting inside the way of life and climate of spots we visit, and continually jumping on and off of trains.

 On this blog, we cover a scope of movement financial plans: from exploring and overland travel to a rich treat. What’s more critical to us, is: is it practical? We work to feature which the more feasible choices are for movement, regardless of whether it costs pennies or many dollars.

 We’re enthusiastic about utilizing this site to spread the message that an alternate method of voyaging and making a positive effect is conceivable on the grounds that we wholeheartedly accept that movement is simply the best chance development that there is. It provokes us to push our limits, get ourselves outside of our usual ranges of familiarity, and conquer our apprehensions.

We’ve both encountered this development and change in our own lives as we have voyaged. In this day and age, there’s an immense measure of dread about what may occur on the off chance that we go to nations that are seen as being less protected, particularly as females.

We will probably help beat those discernments by empowering travel that really brings us closer.


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